Skrinkle Haven



Skrinkle Haven Beach

This beautiful beach has three coves. Two large ramparts of limestone separate them. I’d read about the limestone ramparts before hiking the Coast Path. Interested to see further I briefly left the coast path, for a better view. I was very glad that I did. Besides I felt it didn’t require inspiration, it was calling to be painted!

Skrinkle Haven Beach and Church Door Cove lie nestled between Manorbier and Tenby on the Pembrokeshire and Wales Coast path. The golden sand of Skrinkle Haven Beach along with its three coves, two large ramparts, and spectacular cliffs turns this place into a secret beauty spot. The boundary of Old Red Sandstone and Carboniferous Limestone make this a site of special geological interest

Have you been to the Skrinkle Haven Beach or this part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park before, or know of someone that has? If not then don’t be at all put off. Why not make their day with this stunning card when they have a special occasion coming up?
Why not brighten up your home or theirs with this stunning coastal painting? Also available as an A4 mounted or framed wall picture, or a private commission of a different size or on canvas

7″ x 5″ printed greetings card Blank Inside sold with an FSC Fresh Green (lime) envelope