Penguins Dancing




I was inspired to paint these penguins for a friend that likes penguins.  They are in the spirit of music.  Besides dancing with their heart’s content

King Penguins live and breed on sub-Antarctic Islands at the northern reaches of Antarctica, South Georgia, and other temperate islands of this polar region

Penguins have flippers instead of wings.  It is believed that because they do not have any land predators to fly away from, they became more adapted to life in the water.  Over time, flying stopped being passed on to their offspring.

King Penguins are superb divers, made easier by their dense bones.  Measurements show that they have dived up to 500m.  They can spend between 5-10 minutes underwater looking for prey on the seabed.  They can swim on average up to 10k/6mph per hour and can reach a speed of 40k/25mph.  King Penguins use a swimming technique similar to porpoises, which swim by breathing while maintaining speed.

Once a year King Penguins undergo a “catastrophic moult” when they replace all their feather.  Without their feathers, King Penguins are not waterproof.  Moulting usually takes around 3-4 weeks and during this time they mate.  They live off fat reserves on their body built up in advance.  at this time, they do not go into the water to feed.

King Penguins (and Emperor Penguins) do not build nests.  Instead, they stabilize their one egg on their feet and incubate it in a “brood pouch” which is a flap of abdominal skin.  Both parents take turns doing this for up to a total of 55-60 days, until the egg hatches.  For an additional 30-40 days the young chick stays warm by staying in the brood pouch.  King Penguin chicks take 12-16 months to reach independence and maturity.  As a result, King Penguins only have 2 chicks every 3 years.

Penguins have black backs and white bellies that give them a “tuxedo” look.  this camouflage is called countershading and protects them from predators in the air and from predators below in the water, such as leopard seals and orcas.

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