Maze at Glendurgan



Cherry Laurel Maze with a summerhouse in the centre and palm trees at Glendurgan Garden, Cornwall

I was inspired to paint this for a friend after looking through my photos. I knew they had visited Cornwall a lot and were also a National Trust member

Glendurgan Garden is near Mawnan Smith in Cornwall. This grade ll listed subtropical garden sits in a valley of exotic and rare plants, trees, and also shrubs. Alfred Fox designed the garden in the 1820s. Alfred Fox got the rare exotic plants when he worked for a shipping business. The cherry laurel maze was planted in 1833 and is said to be the gem of the garden. It bears frequent trimming and footsteps on its roots. The maze was based on the labyrinth in Sydney Gardens, Bath. Glendurgan Garden remained in the hands of the Fox family until 1962. Then they handed it to the National Trust. The palm trees mark the corners of the maze. The summerhouse marks the centre.
The people in the maze are characterful. Friends have made their own opinions about the look on people’s faces in the maze

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