Kingfishers in boots



Kingfishers in hiking boots

These birds are always a joy to see which inspired me to paint them.  They have semi-iridescent feathers.  I like kingfishers and hiking so I thought I’d combine these two passions together by putting the kingfishers in hiking boots

The Common Kingfisher is the only species of kingfisher found in the UK.  It is also called the Eurasian or River Kingfisher

The Common Kingfisher lives in burrows alongside river banks, and in streams, lakes, rivers, and canals of slow-flowing water, vegetated banks, and trees with branches above the water.  They are a good indicator of clean water

In winter, the Common Kingfisher lives in areas where water does not freeze, along river estuaries, the coast, and harbours.  They like these areas because they can continue to feed on fish

The Common Kingfisher does not have a song but instead makes a dry, loud screeching sound that is like a high-pitched whistle.  Their call sounds similar to a “tsee” or “chee” noise.  The Common Kingfisher’s beak enables it to dive to its prey with minimum splash and maximum speed.  Its prey is normally within 25cm of the water’s surface.  Its eyes are protected with a transparent third eyelid so it can locate its prey successfully when it dives

The Common Kingfisher is a protected species.  Invasive species, hard winters, habitat loss due to pollution, unsympathetic management of watercourse measures designed to increase water flow, and summer floods have caused declining numbers

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