Hedgehogs together



Hedgehogs together

Friends have made their own interpretations, of what some of these prickly friends are up to.  Especially the back two.  The back middle one is bum sniffing.  This is as close as I liked to get when it came to their noisy business

A friend of mine had a hedgehog in her garden.  She always spoke with enthusiasm about it.  Therefore, I decided to paint her these.   I looked in a few places at hedgehogs.  Then I decided to paint them in a semi-circle.  The back two on their sides filled the remaining spaces.  The one bum snuffing I couldn’t resist!  Someone else I knew had heard hedgehogs matting.  They wondered what the noise was until they investigated further!

7″ x 5″ printed greetings card Blank Inside sold with a FSC Fern Green envelope

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Weight 18 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 in