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Elephants & Hearts

I was inspired to paint these elephants and hearts for a friend of mine who likes them. I began with the adults (bull and cow), added in the young (calves) ones, and then the hearts that signify the affection they have for each other

Female elephants and their young spend their lives together. Living in a family group helps them to raise and protect their young from attack
They are intelligent animals with large brains that can weigh about 10 to 12lb/4.5 to 5.5kg. They communicate through vibrations and they purr like cats. Elephants can hear and listen to human voices. They can work out gender and age and decide if we’re a threat to them or not. Elephants can even recognize themselves in a mirror!
They show affection by standing close to each other. When a member of their group dies, they show sorrow. Their tusks are their incisors (teeth). One tusk is dominant and used more than the other. The one that is used more, is more worn down and has a pointed end. They can hold water in their wrinkles and use mud as a sunblock. These mammals take mud and sand baths. They can drink 50 gallons/200 litres of water per day
They play an important role in creating waterholes in the dry climates of Africa and Asia where they live. The seeds that they eat and defecate can germinate in the waterholes. Other animals like dung beetles and monkeys eat the dung. Tadpoles and other water organisms use elephants’ large footprints as their homes

Do you like elephants or know of someone that does? Do you or they have memories of these great animals? Why not make their day with this stunning card when they have a special occasion coming up?
Why not brighten up your home, or theirs with this stunning painting? Also available as a private commission mounted or framed wall picture or on canvas

7″ x 5″ printed greetings card Blank Inside sold with a White envelope

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