Daffodils and boots



Daffodils (Narcissus ‘Orange Progress’) in hiking boots

I like daffodils and there are so many varieties. I was inspired to paint Orange Progress daffodils as I felt these gave a brighter picture.  As well as daffodils I enjoy hiking so I thought I’d combine these two passions together by putting the daffodils in hiking boots

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales.  It blooms near the spring Equinox, around 1st March, St David’s Day, the Patron Saint of Wales.  Daffodils flower every year and are linked with St David’s faithfulness to his people in Wales.  Daffodils are a signal of rebirth and new beginnings.  They are associated with Easter, the Christian celebration of new life in Christ.  In England, daffodils are also known as Lenten or Lent lilies that flower from Ash Wednesday until Easter

Daffodils are grown commercially in both England and Wales, and known for their medicinal properties in treating Alzheimer’s disease

Daffodils are resilient as they can survive strong winter gales and storms.  They are rich with symbolism and remind us of sunshine and summer ahead

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