Butterflies on daisies



Small tortoiseshell & peacock butterflies on daisies

The small tortoiseshell butterfly I was inspired to paint along with a 2nd.  First I tried the red admiral.  The peacock though was a better shade. I enjoy seeing butterflies flying around and sunning themselves.

Butterflies are crucial to the well-being of the ecosystem.  They are pollinators of plants and crops.  The common nettle (stinging nettles) the larvae of both butterflies like to eat, while both butterflies like to lay their eggs on them.  Small Tortoiseshell butterflies lay clusters of 60-100 eggs and Peacock butterflies lay around 400-500 eggs.  Stinging nettles make up part of butterflies’ diets.

Butterflies have coloured vision that enables them to search for pollen.  They prefer white, pink, purple, red, yellow and orange flowers over blue and green flowers.
Their vision helps them to perceive fast-moving objects, distinguish ultraviolet and polarised light better than humans can.

Butterflies’ brightly coloured wings help them to scare away predators.  The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly flies in a direct line so it can escape quicker.  The Peacock’s four ‘eyes’ on its forewings and hindwings can also scare predators away.  It can make an audible hissing sound by rubbing the veins on its forewings and hindwings together.  The eyes on the hindwings are how this butterfly got its name.  The underwings of both butterflies are darkly coloured so they can camouflage themselves when resting or hibernating

The sun warms their bodies so when in danger they fly away quickly, but they have to protect themselves from getting too hot.  Orange butterflies are a symbol of inspiration, excitement and passion

Butterflies don’t communicate through sound.  Their anger is portrayed in ariel flights during which they release pheromones to help them find a mate

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