Bleeding Hearts



Bleeding Hearts

These are one of my favourite flowers.  I’d seen them in recent years when visiting some gardens.  I was then inspired to paint them
These beautiful heart-shaped flowers hang in their quantities.  They bring a feeling of happiness to those that see them

Bleeding heart flowers are native to Northern China, Japan, Korea, North America, and Siberia.  In 1846, Robert Fortune, a Scottish botanist with the Royal Horticulture Society returned from Asia with bleeding  heart plants.  The plant was spread around the UK and became one of our most popular garden plants

Pollinators of the bleeding heart plant include hummingbirds, butterflies, and ants. The seeds of the plant have a small tubular sac filled with fatty lipids. Ants eat the fatty centres from the seeds, and take them back to their anthills.  The seeds then germinate and spread

In the language of flowers, bleeding heart flowers symbolize passionate love and romance.  On special occasions, such as weddings and Valentine’s Day, bleeding heart flowers are perfect to use in bouquets and in table decorations

Do you like bleeding hearts or know of someone that does? Do you or they have memories of these great plants?  If you or they haven’t come across these plants before then don’t be at all put off.  Why not make their day with this stunning card when they have a special occasion coming up?
Why not brighten your home, or theirs with this painting?  Also available as a private commission mounted or framed wall picture or on canvas

7″ x 5″ printed greetings card Blank Inside sold with an FSC Fuchsia Pink envelope

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Weight 18 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 in