About Me


I’m Claire Redwood from Gloucestershire.

I’ve always been creative.  However it was only a few years ago that anyone told me.  Additionally saying I had potential and encouraged me to put it to good use!  I’m developing my painting generally using acrylics.  As a result all the artwork on my website is acrylic.  My style is big and bold.  Colour I particularly like to use so that my work is vibrant.

I have an abstract mind and sense of humour.  Consequently this makes my painting quirky and unique.

Besides painting I enjoy walking, hiking long distance paths and working in the countryside.  Observation and appreciation of the natural world provides me with inspiration for my paintings.  All seasons I believe have something different to offer an artist.  Nature provides us with a rich variety of images.  Consequently I like to capture these with and without a paintbrush.

I’m a volunteer for the Wildlife Trusts.  Volunteering has enabled me to develop countryside and woodland skills.  These include coppicing & habitat creation.  Subsequently I’ve enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

I really want to make a positive difference to you and others with my art work.  Besides I welcome your commissions.  Equally I hope you enjoy my work.  Also I look forward to creating something special and unique for you.


Claire Redwood